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    What We Do & Our History

  • What We Do

    Innovation Labs

    Our innovation labs are constantly hard at work producing ideas, research, and experiments that are both advancing the field of entrepreneurship and the world.




    The core of our work is developing projects, initiatives, and ventures that are awesome for the world--and in many cases, are progressing the field of entrepreneurship.


  • Our History

    CoFounders Crunch was co-founded in 2013 by Brandon Highland and Rob Bueschen after a conversation about "cereal entrepreneurs." The firm currently operates as a global network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and key partners.


    Brandon Highland,

    Founding Partner

    Brandon provides CoFounders Crunch with strategic direction and leads the firm's impact-driven investments. He is an expert in systemic thinking with a 25 year career in new venture development. He is currently leading our social innovation venture CFC Impact, while serving as Chairman for ISD Innovations.

    Rob Bueschen,

    Founding Partner

    Rob oversees key strategic relationships for CoFounders Crunch and provides operational insights. He is an author, startup advisor, and award winning social innovator published in Fast Company and Tech Crunch. Rob is currently developing a venture in the marketing realm, while serving as Treasurer for ISD Innovations.